About Us

We are Bidbor’Out!

Bidbor’Out! was conceived and is run by us, we are parents of children who attended Bidborough Primary School.


What it is all about is ensuring our children have time to play, have fun and grow. They never seem happier than when they get out of school and they can play in the park opposite. No longer can we open our front doors and allow our children to roam the streets freely and play as we did.


Like many parents we don’t want our children to simply play in front of another screen, be it the TV, computer or handheld device – it’s fast becoming the norm and we want to help address the balance.


Happier (worn-out) children lead to more relaxed (less-stressed) and satisfied parents too…we thought we’d like to take an active role in helping deliver that for everyone!


Tracy has spent most her life looking after children, if they weren’t her own they were other people’s being a former play worker at a playschool in Hartfield for more than 10 years. She loves children, she says that looking after them is her ‘calling in life’ and is highly trained in virtually every aspect from the obvious Level 2 NVQ in Playwork to fire extinguishers, special needs and autism.
Tracy is our Manager, we are very proud of her and feel lucky to be blessed with someone who is so dedicated.


Natasha founded and runs Bidbor'Out! and has children attending the school. Natasha is Bidbor’Out!’s nutritionalist ensuring no-one ever goes home from club hungry! Food Safety and Hygiene training and Paediatric First Aid complement her Level 3 Childcare qualification.


There are additional benefits – enabling parents to work, go back to work or work from home, enabling choices.



Many parents find it difficult to pick up their children from school to get them to after school clubs and care. Lots of parents have friends and relatives juggling the school pick up of their children, often achieving little more than running up an ever more costly fuel bill.



We as parents are best placed to ensure we provide the best care for our children.


Where legislative relaxation does come about, by adopting a pro-active stance, we have been able take a lead hand in setting the care agenda for our children.

We are part of the same community and want to be able to help.