What We Do

Our primary aim is to offer an uncompromising  service designed around what the parents and children want, with a real focus on health and outdoor activity.

We endeavour to be regarded as a sustainable, key ingredient of our children’s up-bringing, promoting happiness, health and respect for ourselves, each other and our surroundings.

Outdoor play and social interaction, across age groups, improving their relationships with each other, their parents and the wider community.  Everything we do is and can be judged against the ethos of the school – Faith in our Future and be founded on the core values.


Through healthy activities and play within our unique setting – woods, fields and open spaces we seek to hark back to the traditions of outdoor fun ‘we as parents enjoyed!’  The focus of the activities is outdoor and fun, with emphasis placed on physical activity insofar as it’s relevant for each individual child.


It is well recognised that play fosters children’s development in many areas: social and emotional, language and communication, cognitive, and physical.  Recent research shows that time spent in natural environments influences children’s ability to be sensitive, expressive, and creative in their later years.


We seek to engage our children in a mix of activities that they can take a lead in, not always led or guided by adults.

We are part of the same community and want to be able to help.