17 June 2018


Dear All,

First of all I would like to thank you all the children and their parents for supporting our venture!

It is a pleasure to look after your children. I would like to ensure you that we are doing our best to provide good service and safe environment in our club for children to be happy.

Data Protection

Regarding the GDPR Data protection and privacy for all children attending the club and their parents please find attached our Privacy Notice which I would like you to read and sign please. The hard copy will be distributed at the club from Monday. Also please find attached our Data Protection Policy.

Changes from September 2018

We are looking for our fee structure and how we staff the out of school club. 

From September we will charge as follows:

Permanent place:

£5.50 per hour or per half an hour part thereof,

£1.50 per snack and £2.30 per hot tea 

We will count every hour and round up every half an hour (not every 15 minutes). 

Temporary booking:

£6.00 per hour or per half an hour part thereof and

£1.50 per snack and £2.30 per hot tea

We charge for the time you booked even if you pick your child up earlier. 

If you are late we charge you for actual time your child attending.

Hot Tea

We serve hot tea at 5.30pm. 

It means that we count how many portions and cook hot tea just for children who are booked till 5.45pm or later.

Hot tea must be booked in advance at least before 1pm (if you are running late and would like your child to have a tea). 

Please text on Bidbor’Out mobile 07983218305 ( we can’t accept any notices on the same day after 12 afternoon by email).


Permanent place:

We need one week’s notice of any cancellation that we can do a refund.

We will charge you for unattended sessions if you give us notice less than one week before.

If your child is sick and not attending the school we will not charge you, but you must inform us as well as informing the school.

Temporary booking:

If a temporary place has been booked and is no longer required, the club must be given 48 hours notice. if notice is not given, the place will still be charged for.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

I hope you all enjoy nice weather and this last term!