Breakfast club


£7.50 for permanent place

£8.00 for ad-hoc booking

Breakfast is included.

After school club


£6.50 for permanent place

£7.00 for ad-hoc booking per hour

£2.00 per snack

Snacks are included in each on-line booking time slot.



In our club are compulsory, except children with severe food allergies. Children are hungry after school and they are looking forward to the snacks. We do not allow children to have their own snack in our club. We have to be sure that children, while they are under our care, consume freshly prepared food, avoiding any food that would be kept in their school bags from the morning especially in warm weather. Also this will help us avoid any possible problems with allergenic children coming into contact with other children’s food from home.



We are using the iPAL system for booking and payments. Please register and book your children on iPAL. If you have any problems with registration and bookings please email natasha@bidborout.co.uk


Register with iPAL in 4 easy steps (It takes about 10-15 minutes)

Step 1. Visit the link to log in from a desktop/tablet:


Step 2. Select parent login in the top right-hand corner 

Step 3. Complete the new parent registration form and click register, at this point you will receive a confirmation email. Please note this email may go into your junk folder, please mark it as safe.

Step 4. Once you have completed your registration you will then need to add your child or children.



7 days in advance


You can cancel any of your bookings in your INVOICES on iPAL system one week in advance. We will charge you for unattended sessions if you give us notice less than one week before.

As many of us are parents ourselves we understand that childcare is costly. We are trying to be flexible and charge fairly. If your child is sick and not attending the school we will not charge you, but you must inform us by leaving a note on the  iPAL system. If the note is not left on the iPAL system there will be a full charge for unattended sessions.

Also you can cancel the sibling(s) attendance and incur no charge.


Ad hoc bookings

One of our stated intents is to be as flexible as possible, so we will accept ad hoc bookings until 10pm the night before as long as there are places available.